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Community Services

// Monika wisniewska

I have extensive experience working with social services, who have a natural tendency to support the most needy in our community.

My first step in assisting local authorities is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their community’s mental health needs. It is crucial to gain a deep understanding of the specific challenges and demographics in order to tailor our services effectively. This initial assessment sets the foundation for a customized approach.

I specialize in evidence-based interventions, which means that I can design mental health programs rooted in scientific research and best practices. By developing solutions that are firmly grounded in evidence, I ensure that local governments and social services can optimize their resources and provide high-quality support that genuinely helps those in need.

This involves setting clear objectives, creating methods for assessing the effectiveness of services, and implementing a reporting system to measure the impact of my interventions. This approach allows local authorities to make informed decisions and continuously improve their mental health initiatives.

I am willing to provide a documented report and summary of clients referred to me for audit trail purposes. These will include a breakdown of client analysis, in-session performance, and an outcome based analysis.

Fees agrees with local authority include full reporting and documentation:

Standard hourly rate +

£100 Initial consultation summary

£100 Pre vs Post comparison evaluation

In summary, my commitment to mental health, evidence-based approaches, and a comprehensive understanding of community needs allows me to provide invaluable contracts and support to local government and social services. Together, we can work towards creating a healthier and more resilient constituency, enhancing the lives of those we serve.

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