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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychological therapy - it is a conscious meeting of two people: the client - a person who comes to therapy for a specific purpose, and a psychologist/therapist - who knows what path to take to achieve this goal.

The specialist uses conscious and intentional clinical methods to achieve the desired results.

Meeting with a psychologist is not the same as talking to someone close to us, because the client is always the center of attention during the session.

To arrange a consultation with a psychologist, go to the tab ONLINE RESERVATION and select an available consultation date. After selecting a date, you will be redirected to payment via PayPal. Payment is a necessary condition for confirmation and provision of the service.

The consultation usually lasts about 50 minutes. It may happen that the consultation time may be slightly longer, but it should never be longer than 60 minutes. 

Currently, this is not possible, but we are working to make such a service available to you in the near future. 

This is an individual matter and tailored to the capabilities of the person who contacts me. The reason for reporting, i.e. the problem, is also important. Addiction therapy is different, where systematicity, especially at the beginning, is extremely important. Meetings should usually take place once a week at the same time, but it is permissible, especially at the beginning of therapy, to meet every two weeks. 

Information provided during the session is treated as confidential. 

The exception to breaking the principle of confidentiality is a life or health-threatening situation, which the psychologist learns about from the client.

You can make an appointment for individual consultations via the "Online booking" tab. The website will guide you step by step, from choosing a date to payment.

Standard consultation price – £40*

*First psychological consultation using a discount code – £20

This is an individual matter. If you feel comfortable talking to a therapist, this is the first good sign. It is important to feel that therapy makes sense, that it is useful for something, and that the topics discussed in therapy serve a purpose. 

Remember, however, that feelings such as embarrassment or fear of opening up about certain topics are a natural process and part of therapy, and do not necessarily mean that the therapist is unsuitable. However, these difficulties will require working through over time.

It is a good idea to arrive for the consultation about 5 minutes before the session starts, as this will help you avoid the stress of possibly being late for the session. Sessions start promptly at the scheduled time and cannot be extended. 

Do not arrive for the session too early, as it is not possible to start the session earlier than the scheduled time - it is possible that another patient is using the psychologist's services.  

The most important thing is to make sure that the time spent meeting with a psychologist will not be interrupted. If therapy takes place online, the meeting should take place in a room where there will be no other people to ensure sufficient privacy and peace. 

Make sure the radio and TV are turned off and mute notifications on your phone. Make sure that the equipment you will use during the session has a good Internet connection and that audio and video are transmitted. 

Try to find a comfortable place to sit. 

It is worth having tissues on hand, because sometimes the topics we discuss during consultations can cause emotions. 

An email with instructions will be sent to you approximately 15 minutes before your consultation. Join the consultation at the scheduled time to start it. 

If you are afraid that you will not know what to say during the meeting, you can prepare a list of topics to discuss. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary stress. 

Consultations take place in two ways: online and in the office. For online consultations, location does not matter, what is important is good access to the Internet. 

Stationary consultations take place in: my office in Wokingham, near Reading.

In both cases, the consultation time is 50 minutes.

If the Internet connection is interrupted during an online meeting and repeated attempts to connect are unsuccessful, please contact me by phone to complete the consultation or rebook it for the next possible date. If the connection is lost and there are less than 15 minutes left in the session, this time will, if possible, be added to the next scheduled session. 

The link to cancel the consultation is included in the e-mail confirming the reservation of the consultation date. Click on the link, confirm the cancellation of the meeting and select a new consultation date. The payment will be refunded within 48 hours, unless the consultation is canceled less than 24 hours before the meeting. In such a situation, the amount paid will not be refunded.

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